5 Ways to Get Free Robux in 2020

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Robux is an online currency in Roblox which can be brought from real money. If you don’t want to spend real money on this, there are several ways to get this for free, and here we had some methods with which you can get this for free.

Many websites are claiming that they will give you Robux free of cost, but most of them are fake, and only they used you to complete their CPA offers which help them in earning money. There we had 5 legit ways to get R$ without using any black hat method.

5 Ways to Get Free Robux

5 Ways to Get Free Robux

These are the five ways you can get R$ without spending a single penny or using black hat methods. Let’s start with number one.

Through Forums

There are some forums where user giveaways Robux, which you can get by just writing a number and participating in the forums. Make sure you don’t spam on these forums; otherwise, they have the right to ban you permanently, and you will never participate again. If you are joining a number commenting forum, don’t comment twice because it can also get you out from the giveaway.

Through Exchanging Websites

Some websites allow users to exchange their accounts with other users on that platform. If you got something other than Roblox accounts, you can join these websites and share your accounts with a different user. Also, there are websites where a user posts their old accounts, and you can get these accounts if are lucky enough to be active on these websites and try your luck there.

Through Survey Websites

Some websites offer free Google Play Points, Steam Wallet, Robux, V-Bucks, and much more by doing simple surveys. These types of surveys are straightforward to do, and you have to answer a few questions, and in return, they reward you with points. Later, when you get enough points, you can redeem different things and directly get money in your PayPal account for those points.

Through Giveaways

There are users and sponsors doing giveaways on different platforms, including Facebook groups and pages, Steam groups, twitch, YouTube, and much more. You can participate in these giveaways and can get R$ accounts. O would recommend you be active on these forums everything and participate in all of these giveaways.

Through Get to Pay Apps

There are some applications which give you money which you do a task specified by them. These applications are useful if you can complete their jobs as they give you a handsome amount of money for minimal tasks.

These tasks include:

  • Download a specific game on your smart phone.
  • Open a website on your browser
  • Play a game till you reach a specific level.
  • Download a software from given website.

That’s the best way to get Robux without spending a single penny from your pocket.

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